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One-Visit Dental Crowns and Teeth Veneers in St John’s

CEREC® One-Visit Dentistry

Dental crowns and teeth veneers are two of the most effective restorative treatments for damaged, misshapen, or severely decayed teeth. A crown covers the entire tooth to preserve its long-term strength, improve its appearance, and keep it from decaying further. A veneer is bonded to your existing tooth and covers and only covers a portion of it. Call East End Dental today to schedule an appointment and learn more about dental crowns and veneers in St. John’s.

Crowns traditionally require two appointments, but with the revolutionary CEREC system, our doctors at East End Dental can create and place crowns and other restorations in just ONE office visit! CEREC even eliminates the need for plastic temporaries while your restorations are sent off to a lab, a process that can take weeks. With CEREC, you can get the dental treatment you need, then get back to your busy life.

CEREC has been clinically proven in numerous independent scientific studies and millions of successful restorations all over the world. Your smile could be next!

CEREC dental equipment

Natural Looking Teeth Veneers, Crowns and Bridges

Dental crowns (caps) are non-removable casings that cover your natural tooth.

When damage/fracture occurs through decay or trauma, crowns are applied to protect teeth, restoring strength, form and function.

We use CAD/CAM technology to design and mill crowns, inlay/onlays, veneers, and bridges. This can usually be completed in one visit and eliminates the need for impressions.

Our doctors also utilize this technology to design implant crowns in one to two days, thus eliminating the usual two to three week waiting period.


Learn More about CEREC

Want to learn more about CEREC? Visit to watch an informative video.

How Does CEREC Work?

At the beginning of your CEREC appointment, our doctors at East End Dental will prepare your tooth and take a photo of it with our digital camera. CEREC's imaging software will then create a photo-realistic 3D model of your restoration, all without the uncomfortable impressions. CEREC restorations are made of a biocompatible ceramic material that can be adjusted to match the natural colour of your other healthy teeth.

We'll insert a block of the ceramic material into our on-site milling unit, which will construct your restoration according to the exact specifications outlined by the virtual model. After only 30-40 minutes, your restoration will be ready to be placed! Because computer-aided manufacturing is exact, you’re sure to have a great fit when your newly-milled restoration is polished and bonded to your tooth.

Fractured Tooth

Before & After

Maryland Bridge for Missing Tooth

Before & After


Before & After


Before & After

Molar Fracture Crown

Before & After

Molar Implant & Crown

Before & After

Multiple Implants & Crowns

Before & After

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